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Christmas Parades

Chester city centre! Watch this space for details on dates and times for 2015.

Christmas Parade of Light- A fun community parade filled with lanterns, light and dance to switch on the city’s Christmas lights.

Lantern Parade- Local school children parade through Chester with handmade lanterns adding a touch of sparkle to the city centre this Christmas. 

Winter Watch Parades- Karamba Samba as the ‘ghost band’ lead a fun parade of skeletons, Christmas cooks, angels and devils as they celebrate the Winter solstice. Dating from the 1400’s, local artists and community groups join together to celebrate the time when the city leaders would hand over the keys to the city watch. Watch out for the fire breathing and the skeleton Emperor!

Saturnalia Parade- Chester will hand the city back to the Romans for one night as soldiers from the Deva Victrix 20th Legion celebrate the Roman Saturnalia festival.



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